Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Art, Photography, & Video Prices

ART & ART Commissions:
For all art commissions, there is a required 50% deposit of the asking price. This is for materials and time and is non refundable. All projects are original for each person and details for your one- of- a- kind piece of artwork will be illustrated in the planning process before payment. 

For inquiries for a custom made piece of artwork, please email me at with your info and details about the project you have in mind. Thank you!

Paintings                        Small - Medium    $100 - $500
                                        Medium - Large   $500- $5,000
                                        Large- Murals      $5,000 +

Photography                 1- 3 hours              $100/hr
                                       3- 5 hours              $150/hr

All shoots include Editing Time & CD of unlimited photos. Depending on hours of shoot can take development time up to 2- 3 weeks. For "Rush Development" add an extra $100. 

Video ART                   1- 5 mins              $100
                                       5- 10 mins            $180
                                       10- 15 mins          $260
                                       15- 45 mins          $350
                                       45min - 1 hr        $450
                                       1 hour                 $500

Video Art Reels come on DVD signed with free sticker! 

Music Video, Shorts, Documentaries, Web Press Kits                      

To hire me for production on your next amazing video send your info and details to

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello I am Push

PUSH  is an imaginative Muliti- Medium Artist who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression throughout Art and Collaboration. Push has developed an innovative idea of blending the ideas of expressionism and inspiration through being around other Artists working on different mediums. PUSH is known to be an infectious inspiration to those who experience creation beside her. 

"Be careful around this one. She will get you to do anything." - Joaquin Allen

"It's something that we are always saying to each other, No excuses, No retreat, No surrender." - Royce Marouseck

The Artist

An endless number of talented individuals and art fans to whom PUSH has outstretched her mind follow along her life's work via social media sites and gallery showings. She lives everyday as an active artist, pushing every limit and every fear into a skillful routine of existence. Her wide range of talent includes Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Stenciling, Spray Painting, Photography, Music, Filmmaking, Production, & Design. Also including, Body Art, Modeling, Acting, Writing, Poetry, Performance Art and Picture & Video Editing.

PUSH, 27 is known by the artist name of Alyssa Flores born from San Antonio, TX whom has spent most of her formative years of artist creation living in Austin, TX. Her works of art are often noted for their "Organic & Surreal Environment Style" and usually display the rare complex combination of Oils & Spray Paint. Alyssa is currently attending film school at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, with a focus on music video, documentary and shorts. Alyssa immerses herself in all aspects of filmmaking, and can be found on both sides of the camera as well as the editing room. Alyssa's ability to navigate all forms of Art has come together to create the idea of combining multiple mediums of Art, Photography, & Film into projects that move like paintings in motion. As an artist, she delves into the experimental methods of art and applies a modernized technique of mixing ideas and concepts within her daily activities, pushing everything.

In the past five years, Alyssa started up two production companies with co-active collectives. She began withRaw and Desperate, and that eventually lead her into her own direction with A FLO Productions. She then fell gracefully into the far-reaching hands of elite artists like South Austin Soul in December 2009. This state recognized Non-Profit organization pushed her toward her newest journey, launching the Art & Film Tour, "Souls on the Road," in November 2010. This tour currently has her pushing everything with the brand alias known as PUSH, as of February 2011.

"Souls on the Road" is an Art & Film Documentary Tour, traveling around the U.S., that Alyssa and fellow artists, Joaquin Allen & Royce Marouseck, started filming in December of 2009. It is a filming adventure revolving around a world of Art Collaboration with like minded individuals. Currently "Souls on the Road"has Alyssa moving around like a gypsy, filming and establishing artist networks in places like Los Angeles, CA, where she currently resides, her future plans for her own art involve combining Video Art and Visual Art in live interactive exhibits.

Stay tuned to all that is upcoming as this project mayhem continues to unfold